We are embarking on a trip to South Korea. It is the umpteenth time, but the country changes so frequently, it is almost like seeing a new country every time I go. Follow us here, for travelogue, notes on stories we are following up for Korean Quarterly, meetings with friends, and things seen and thought on the way.


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  1. anna mirsky says:


    Je suis étudiante en Master d’Etudes Slaves à l’Université Paris IV Sorbonne, plus précisément je suis en Master CIMER (communication interculturelle et muséologie en Europe rénovée) et je suis en train de travailler sur un dossier concernant l’île de Sakhaline. Votre dossier m’a vraiment été d’une grande utilité mais puisque je ne pourrais pas moi même me rendre sur place je me demandais s’il était possible d’utiliser vos photos pour mon devoir (qui ne sera pas publié) ? Merci d’avance pour votre aide,


    Hello, my name is Anna and I’m currently studying eastern culture and communication at the Paris IV Sorbonne University. Your post concerning Sakhaline interested me a lot! As I’m writing an essay about the island for my multicultural course at univeristy, I wa s wondering if I could use your pictures?

    Thanks a lot!


    • Hello, we only published the photos of the conference itself, and it is not possible to tell who is from Sakhalin. I have done some research and journalism around the Korean people of Sakhalin. If you would like, I could find the contact person’s name I talked to. She speaks Korean and Russian, not English or French. However, she is a very interesting activist. You may be able to arrange something. Please let me know. Martha Vickery, Korean Quarterly

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